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Privacy Policy


Privacy policy is an integral part of the "Terms of Use of the Site". With the full content of the "Terms of Use of the Site" can be found in the section "Terms and Conditions".

Privacy Policy contains the rules for storing and accessing information stored on the device the user is using the file with cookie, which are intended for the provision of services by electronic means and transmitted to the user, as well as rules to protect the user's personal data provided to them in the course of use of the site. 


6.1.1. The Administration of the Site can not sell or provide access to the personal data of the Users to third parties without the explicit consent of the Users.  The only exception to this provision is to obtain the requirements of the court, the procurators, the police or another law enforcement agency, which is in compliance with the law.

6.1.2. The data provided by the User may be used for marketing purposes only with his consent.

6.1.3. The user remains anonymous until the moment of registration, registration of the first order on the Site, subscription to the electronic newsletter. All these cases require the indication (electronically or by any other means) of certain address and contact data that are transmitted to the system by means of communication facilities.

6.1.4. Registration by the User of an order purchase through the Site, registration on the site provide for consent to the collection and processing of personal data in the interpretation of the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data". These data are used exclusively for the fulfillment of the order, in particular, the drawing up of a document confirming the fact of sale (goods receipt) and the dispatch of goods. The Site Administration has the right to provide collected data to its commercial partners, for example, postal and mobile operators, solely for the purpose of proper order fulfillment.

6.1.5. The personal data of the Customers that they provide during registration on the Site and when placing an order are processed by the Site Administration solely for the execution of orders, and may also be used for marketing purposes if the User expresses the consent in a separate document. The user has the right to supplement, update and deny personal data, to demand their removal if they are received in violation of the law or are not needed to achieve the purpose for which they were collected.

6.1.6. The administration of the site uses all possible and legal technical and organizational means to protect the personal data of users, which are indicated in the process of registration and registration of the order.


6.2.1. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User Device.  In particular, they cannot cause viruses or other unwanted or malicious programs to enter the User Device.  Cookies allow you to identify the user software and apply an individual approach to each specific User.  Typically, cookies contain the name of the domain that sends them, the time they were stored in the Device, and the value assigned.

6.2.2. The administrator uses two types of cookie files: The belt files Cookies: are stored in the device's user to Graduation Use of the browser. After that, the recorded information is permanently deleted from the Device's memory. The mechanism of temporary cookies does not allow receiving any personal data or any other confidential information from the User Device. Permanent files Cookies: are stored in the device's user until they are deleted.  Ending the session using this browser or shutting down Devices do not delete persistent cookies from the User Device. The mechanism of permanent cookies does not allow receiving any personal data or any other confidential information from the User Device.

6.2.3. The user can restrict or disable the access function of the cookie files to his Device. In this case, he will be able to use the Site, except for those functions that by their nature require the use of cookies.

6.2.4. The administrator uses his own files Cookie with the aim of: Optimization of the configuration of the pages of the Site, bringing the content of the pages of the Site in accordance with the preferences of the user. Recognizing the user's device and its location for    Display a web page tailored to your individual needs. User authorization and provision of a session on the Site, freeing the User from the necessity Enter your name and password on the Each page of the Site. About safe verifying the authenticity of the browser session, Verification of sources of redirection of Users to pages Site. About optimization and efficiency services provided. Providing opportunities for various functions of the Site, for example, "Trash" or "Buffer". Analysis of popularity, Collection of anonymous statistical data that helps to understand how Users The Site Use its pages to improve their Structure and content. Ensuring the safety and reliability of the Site.

6.2.5. The administrator uses external cookies to: About showing on Site pages multimedia content, which comes from the external Internet service. for example from Nova Poshta or Meest Express sites, displaying pages of reviews that come from external Internet services, for example,, the content of other external Internet services simplifying and optimizing the use of the Site. Collecting common, anonymous statistical data with the help of analytical tools, for example, Google Analytics, Display of advertising in view of preferences of the User by means of tools of Internet advertising, for example, Google AdSense, Ensuring the Entrance to the portal from the pages of social networks, for example, Facebook


6.3.1 The user has the ability at any time to independently change the settings relating to the cookie files, specifying the conditions for their storage and obtaining access to their Device with their help.    Changes to the settings are available in the settings section of the User's Internet browser.  Settings can be changed to block automatic maintenance of cookie files, or to require the browser to constantly notify the location of cookie files in the User Device.

6.3.2. The user can at any time delete cookies from his Device using the available functions of his Internet browser.

6.3.3. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functions of the Site pages.