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1.1 Before viewing the Web site COMPUTERSYSTEMSLTD.COM and use of the site, carefully read these terms and conditions.

1.2 A prerequisite for use of the site constitutes acceptance of and agreement to all the terms of this user agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site. Use of the site, including filling out various forms, order your goods and services on the site signifies your agreement to the terms of this user agreement.


2.1. Terms used in the User Agreement:

2.1.1. Site – Web site, including all web pages.

2.1.2. Agreement – this user agreement.

2.1.3. Administrator – administration of the website

2.1.4. Seller – a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who places on the Site information about the goods sold by him.  The seller can be either the Administrator or any other person to whom the Administrator has granted permission to post information about the goods.  The name of the Seller is indicated in the documents for the transfer of the goods to the Beneficiary.

2.1.5. Product – goods, information about which is available on the Site.

2.1.6. User – a person viewing information on the Site, ordering, receiving goods using the Site.  The Recipient and the Payer are the users.

2.1.7. Order – the User's request through the Site to the Administrator with a request to sell the Goods, as well as the totality of the goods ordered by the User.

2.1.8. Payer – the person making the payment for the Order.

2.1.9. Recipient – the person specified by the Payer as the person authorized to receive the Goods under the executed Order.  Unless otherwise specified in the Order form, the Recipient is the Payer.

2.1.10. Offer – information posted on the Site about a particular product, which can be purchased by the User.  The offer includes: information about color, size, bundling, information about the price, payment methods and delivery, other characteristics and conditions of purchase.  The conditions of the Offer are determined by the Seller.  The offer is not an offer, but only information about the available options for the purchase of goods.

2.1.11. Cookie – computer data, in particular small text files, which are recorded and stored on devices and thanks to which the User can use the Internet pages of the Site.

2.1.12. Cookie Administrator – files    cookie, which placed the Administrator and related to the provision of services by electronic means through the Site.

2.1.13. External Cookie – files    cookie, which placed the Administrator of partners through web pages.

2.1.14. Device an electronic device through which the User accesses the Site.

2.2.  Terms of use of the site in other words, the user agreement applies to all users of the site.  The agreement contains the rules for registering and using the account, the rules for electronic registration of an order, the rules for concluding a contract for the purchase of goods.

 2.3.  The User undertakes not to interfere with the work of the Site, not to cause inconvenience to other users and the Administration of the Site; Do not post on it or distribute it through its prohibited content;  Do not distribute or publish commercial information on the Site without special order;  Use the information received solely for personal non-commercial purposes.


3.1.  The site provides the opportunity to conclude a contract for the purchase of goods, as well as provides other services provided for by this Agreement.

3.2.  The data on the products on the site, their descriptions, cost represent a proposal to conclude a purchase agreement.  All goods have an individual designation.  The Internet page contains photos and description of the goods, information about features and properties, cost and materials.

3.3.  To conclude the contract, the user fills in the forms on the pages of the Site.  The information provided by the user must be complete, up-to-date and accurate, enabling the order to be performed, in particular, the delivery of the parcel to the correct addressee.

3.4. On the site you can order the goods in several ways:

a) on Site page  (on-line) by procedures filing order

b) by phones +380562343333 or +380509551119

cby e-mail sending order with selected products to e-mail address:

3.5. Orders online and by email can be made whole day, seven days a week. Orders by phone accepted on working days from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00, On Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00. Orders made at the weekend about the ops on the first working day following the day of submission of the order.

3.6. The order can be made without mandatory registration on the Site (Purchase without registration).

3.7.  When making an order carefully fill out all forms in which the data for delivery and payment for the goods are displayed.

3.8.  To make an order, select the product on the Site, pay attention to its color and size, configuration, functional features.  Then go to the "Trash" section to make sure the selection is correct. Then you can continue to select the goods or go to the ordering page on the "Ordering" page, by clicking the "Checkout" button where you can select and fill out the necessary options for the delivery and payment of the order.

3.9.  Until the confirmation of your choice of goods using the button "Order Confirmation", the User can make changes to the order, change the address and contact information for sending and issuing the invoice.  Confirmation of the order by pressing the button "Order Confirmation" means acceptance of the obligation to accept and pay the cost of the goods and their delivery.

3.10.  Confirmation by the User of the order in accordance with paragraph 3.9. Is an offer of the User to conclude a sales contract, which is addressed to the Administrator in accordance with the contents of the order and this Agreement.

3.11.  At the time of ordering in accordance with paragraph 3.9. The user receives a message at the e-mail address specified by him containing the order data: quantity Goods, the cost of the order, the chosen method of delivery and payment, the lead time for the order.  The message is a confirmation of the receipt by the Administrator of the User's offer.  The administrator sends a confirmation of acceptance of the User's offer sent by e-mail or phone or refusal to accept the Customer's offer to the e-mail address specified by the User.  After the receipt of the above Confirmation, the contract for the sale of the goods ordered by the User is considered concluded.

3.12.  The user can refuse the order until the receipt from the Administrator of the confirmation of acceptance of the offer for purchase, i.e.  Before receiving an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the order for implementation, indicated in paragraph 3.11 above.  In this case, the User should immediately contact the Administrator by phone with further confirmation by e-mail.

3.13.  The amount of the order consists of the cost of the ordered goods.    The price of the goods is indicated on the site in UAH.

3.14.  The price of the Goods on the Site may be changed by the Seller unilaterally.  At the same time, the price for the Goods ordered by the Buyer is not subject to change.


With the Conditions of Delivery and Payment you can find in the section "Delivery information", which is an integral part of the "Terms of use of the site".


Terms of exchange and return of goods can be found in the section of the Site "Terms of exchange and return", which is an integral part of the "Terms of use of the site".


The Privacy Policy can be found in the section of the Site "Confidentiality", which is an integral part of the "Terms of Use of the Site".


7.1.  The administration of the site reserves the right to amend the Agreement at any time.  Changes in the Agreement apply to orders made after making such changes.

7.2 The User understands and agrees that: the delivery is a separate service that is not an integral part of the Goods purchased by the Buyer, the completion of which ends when the Recipient receives the Goods and makes payment for it.  Claims to the quality of the Purchased Goods that arose after the receipt and payment of the Goods are considered in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and the Seller's warranty obligations.  In this connection, the purchase of the Goods with delivery does not give the Buyer the right to demand the delivery of the purchased Goods for warranty service or replacement, does not provide an opportunity to provide warranty service or replace the Goods by means of a visit to the Buyer and does not imply the possibility of returning the cost of delivery of the Goods in cases where the Buyer has The right to refund money for the Goods as such, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

7.3. All trademarks and trade names displayed on the Site belong to their rightful owners and are posted on the Site for informational purposes only.